You have many options for doing sports at home


by Esteban Tejedor

Posted on April 25, 2020

You have many options for doing sports at home

Are you wondering how you can keep fit without leaving your home?

Have you been granted the gift of time?

Here is a small selection of YouTube channels to exercise, so you can make use of that time for a healthy purpose!


Popsugar Fitness

A body and mental training channel that stands out for its varied training routines, as well as weekly training plans and health tips. You have everything from low impact cardio to pilates, Latin dance, hip-hop fit, Zumba or yoga!


Gym Virtual (in Spanish)

Patry Jordán offers us an extremely complete channel to play sports at home. In addition to exercises to work the whole body, you will find tips on health, diet and sport, and healthy and easy recipes to make at home.

Depending on your physical level, available time or preferred sport, access her channel's playlists and search. You will find routines to tone and strengthen glutes, legs, abdomen or arms, podcasts, stretches and warm-ups, dance routines, full-body cardio and much more. During these days of confinement, Patry also teaches classes online for free through live Instagram.

Ritmozum Fitness (in Spanish)

Gabriel Tristán wants you to create a lifestyle with dancing Zumba. If you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, in this channel you will find just what you are looking for, for women and men of all ages: buzz, music and good humour to keep you healthy.


Xuan Lan Yoga (in Spanish)

Xuan Lan is specialised in vinyasa yoga, the classes contained in her channel include careful explanations.

She has a large number of videos, classes of different lengths and positions adapted for both beginners and more advanced levels, as well as relaxation and meditation exercises. You can also find resources on her website, and see her live on Instagram.


P4P Español (in Spanish)

This interesting channel has as a distinctive feature the fact that its videos are animations. It is the Spanish channel of Passion4Profession.

P4P, through its multimedia content, seeks to promote the improvement of physical form and the development of the positive and triumphant mental state that characterises sports environments. They are the largest fitness community in the world with more than 2,500,000 users in 21 languages.

The number of exercises is extremely wide: shoulders, forearms, triceps, hamstrings, lower back, pecs... you have routines to work all parts of the body from home, with simple and easy to understand explanations. Do you dare?


And you, do you have any other favourite YouTube channel to keep your health up to date...?

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