Planting 1 billion trees with a drone in Canada... and beyond


by Esteban Tejedor

Posted on June 8, 2020

Planting 1 billion trees with a drone in Canada... and beyond

Plants are essential to reduce pollution and curb global warming, as they absorb carbon.

To plant a tree, we usually use sacks and shovels. However, technology allows now to do it 10 times faster and 20% cheaper. How? Using drones!

A Canadian startup is reforesting a forest in Toronto with 40,000 pine and fir trees after a fire. But their goal goes beyond and Canada...

Fast Company, with the capacity to plant between 10,000 and 20,000 seed bags per day, plans to reach the figure of 1 billion trees worldwide by 2028.

In addition, this company is responsible for supervising the project a few months later to check that the trees are growing and that their work has paid off.

To do this, they use software that allows drones to map the area from the air. The drones then spread the seeds. The technology is also capable of detecting the most suitable places to plant and where the earth will be able to give rise to a tree.

This method is useful both for forests that have been burned and for natural spaces in which large amounts of wood have been collected.

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