A new high-resolution robotic eye wired to the optic nerve


by Esteban Tejedor

Posted on May 21, 2020

A new high-resolution robotic eye wired to the optic nerve

A group of researchers from the University of Hong Kong (China) have managed to create the most accurate artificial replica that exists of a human eye.

The prosthesis is completely autonomous, works with solar energy and replicates the retina of the human eye with a viewing angle of 100º (only 30º less than a real human eye). Furthermore, it is capable of reading letters.

Until now, science has had difficulty creating robotic eyes in the shape of human eyes, so most of them adopted flat shapes like those of camera lenses. This new prosthesis is a hemispherical retina, with an aluminum oxide membrane composed of high-density photosensitive sensors of nanometric size. And the interior of the eye socket is composed of an ionic liquid to improve conductivity and the device is connected at the rear by liquid metal cables.

The investigation has carried out preliminary tests of the system and has connected the robotic eye to a computer, which has been able to recognize images of the letters E, I and Y.

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