3D printed houses in just 48 hours


by Esteban Tejedor

Posted on June 15, 2020

3D printed houses in just 48 hours

The construction of 3D printed houses has been trying to take off for several years, but is still in an initial stage.

However, a company in the Czech Republic, Prvok od Burinky, has presented an ecological, solid and stylish house that can be built in up to 48 hours, around seven times faster and costing half as much as a brick house.

With three rooms and a living area of 43 square meters, the house will be built layer by layer using a reused robot arm from the automotive industry. This arm will deposit a specially formulated concrete (three times stronger than traditional concrete, according to the company), made of mixed nano-polypropylene fibres, plasticisers, and setting accelerators, at a rate of 15 cm per second. The walls will be printed with inner and outer layers, and the centre will be filled with insulating material.

This 3D printed house is expected to have a lifespan of at least 100 years. When it expires, the building material can be crushed and reprinted; that is, recycled.

Its self-sufficient and eco-friendly features include a green roof, a recirculating shower and drinking tanks, utilities, and sewage.

Applications are unlimited, from private home to commercial or tourist use. One idea is to make houses on floating docks to increase the construction area in cities like Belgrade, Hamburg and Canadian cities. The process and asymmetric design will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20% compared to equivalent brick construction. In addition, it will use less polluting material in construction and will produce less waste during demolition.

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