Would You Bring Your Staff To Disneyland?


by Giulia Vandelli

Posted on April 8, 2019

Would You Bring Your Staff To Disneyland?

For the first time, in 20 years of running restaurants, Gypsy Gilliam finally closed one week for holiday and went to Disneyland. But she didn't go alone... she brought her entire staff and their family as well. 

All paid by Ms. Gilliam!

After starting from nothing, Gypsy continued working no-stop for years in order to create for herself and her family a solid business

But one day, talking with one of her chefs and noticing how everyone was really tired she came up with the idea.

“We just need to go to Disneyland!”

And so she did.

She planned everything and paid for all the 20 families.

Nobody knows how much it did cost her, but the faces, both of the children and the parents were priceless.

And if you are thinking: "What about those who couldn't go?"

Well, she looked after them as well,  by paying them the salary they deserved.

As she said, "They still have to pay their rents".

What about you? Would you bring your staff to Disneyland?

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