A US tortoise has been given a second chance, thanks to LEGO®


by Marc Prats

Posted on October 2, 2018

A US tortoise has been given a second chance, thanks to LEGO®

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore has given a rescued tortoise a second chance in life by using one of the most unusual medical equipment ever, LEGO®.


Everything started in July, when an employee of the Baltimore Zoo found the tortoise roaming around a park with a broken shell. The injuries were making it hard for the tortoise to move properly, which meant the turtle was at risk of never recovering again if it had not been for the zookeeper’s goodwill.


We all know that turtles and tortoises can live even longer than humans. They can live a record 100 years on average, as opposed to the 70-80 year average for humans. This is caused by their much slower metabolism, which affects the healing process, making it longer and more difficult than it is for many other living beings.


The plastic structure with wheels gave the tortoise the right amount of strength for it to be able to walk, eat, and live like a healthy tortoise until its shell had completely healed.


Watch out hares, this tortoise is not scared of you!



For more information, visit www.marylandzoo.org

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