Todd, a pup from Arizona, was awarded 'Dog of the Year'


by Marc Prats

Posted on October 25, 2018

Todd, a pup from Arizona, was awarded 'Dog of the Year'

We all know that actors, musicians and sportspeople get all kinds of awards. However, we hardly ever hear that an animal has gotten an award. Today is an exception.


The latest edition of the Streamy Awards surprised us when they awarded a dog for the “Dog of the Year” category. But this is not like any other dog. His name is Todd and he helped his owner, Paula, by protecting her when a rattlesnake tried to attack her.


The two of them (as well as Paula’s other dog) were on a trek in the mountains when Paula Godwin saw Todd jump on her leg. She was shocked to see the snake had bitten her two-months-old puppy, Todd.


She knew straight away that if Todd hadn’t gotten in the way, she would have been bitten.


She decided to post the heroic moment on Facebook as a proud dog-mum but she was definitely not expecting how acclaimed Todd would become from that moment.


Fortunately, Todd is strong and healthy again, and he will always be recognised as the hero dog who saved his owner’s life.


We all know dogs are humans’ best friends. They are loyal, they offer you their unconditional love, and they will always protect you, no matter what.


We hope this story made your day, as it did ours.

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