Three young brothers' light illuminated the darkness of shelters


by Ezgi Yılmaz

Posted on July 25, 2019

Three young brothers' light illuminated the darkness of shelters

What kind of child were you? Were you crying when your family didn't buy something that you wanted? Were you trying to find a way to buy it? These three young brothers; Collin, 13, Ryan, 11, and Austin, 8 have created a business to buy more video games. After earning money they've changed their mind and donated $500 a month to the homeless. The story doesn't seem like our childhood, right? Let's have a look at details.

These three young brothers love playing video games and they asked their mother, Celena Gill, to buy more video games. But the answer was "No!". This answer pushed them to create a business. They wanted to create it but they didn't know what to sell and then they asked their mom "What is your favorite thing to buy?" She said, "Candles!" The business was born.

Almost two years later, the boys’ candle-making shop — called “Frères Branchiaux,” French for “Gill Brothers,” is successful beyond anything they expected. With 36 selling stores, and a contract with Macy’s in the works. Now, they have more than enough cash to buy what they desire.

Frères Branchiaux sells about 400 candles a month, priced from $18 to $36. The candles have 23 different scents, such as Lavender Crush, Lime Cotton and Whiskey Sweet, are the boys’ most popular product. They also offer diffuser oils, room sprays, soap, bath bombs, and salts.

At this moment, they didn't want to waste their money only for video games. Whenever they saw homeless people, they asked their mom to give them money. Hence, they donate $500 a month to the homeless. Three young businessmen, "We would like to increase amount as much as we can." said. Moreover, Collin said it makes him feel like the business has a purpose beyond commerce and candle scents. Now their plan for homeless people is to visit them every two months to spend time with the people at the shelter.

The light of their candles illuminated all the shelters. And, don't lose your light to help less fortunate people.

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