Three homeless heroes rescue little boy in Darwin


by Judith Van Duinen

Posted on January 16, 2018

Three homeless heroes rescue little boy in Darwin


Three heroes were in a Darwin park when they saw the lost little boy walking through the streets. They knew exactly what they had to do to help the little boy find his way back home.

Stanley Gameraidj, Jaris Gnawa, and Patania Marawa were sleeping in a Fannie Bay park when they spotted the little boy wandering the street all by himself. It was just after 3 am.

Mr. Gameraidj said that the little boy wasn't upset but the group knew that he could be in trouble by walking through the city so late at night.

“He wasn’t upset but he had a little toy, a little octopus,” Mr. Gameraidj said.

While the woman kept the little boy warm and comfortable, started the two-man looking for his parents straight after they found him.

“He fell asleep, he was really tired,” he said.

Eventually, the group called the police who also started looking for his family.



“We kept him, held him and kept him safe until the police came,” Mr. Gameraidj said.


The police eventually managed to find the toddlers parents. They had been sleeping when the toddler decided to take a late night wandering.

“His parents just hugged me. I told them: ‘Brother it’s all good, it’s all in love, all good,’” Mr. Gameraidj said.

“We’re homeless people but we’re all human beings. We all help each other no matter what. White or black, we found that non-indigenous person and we helped him. It’s always love,” he added.

From 2000 to 3000 people living rough at any time, Darwin has the highest rate of homelessness in Australia.

Mr. Gameraidj said that the reason he and his friends were sleeping in Darwin, was to escape the fighting in their home community.

“Back in our community, we argue among each other and we have trouble in those communities. That’s why we come here to the city to get away from fighting,” he said


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