This Spanish company has created a lightweight portable functional solar panel


by Marc Prats

Posted on November 7, 2018

This Spanish company has created a lightweight portable functional solar panel

‘Top Innovations’ is the company behind the solar panel that you can see above. Its creator, Jesus Guijarro, claims he created this portable panel to make solar powered electricity more accessible to everyone.


This patented solar panel is modular as it triples in size when opening up the side-panels and it includes a manually-lifted powerful spotlight. This could be a very useful product for night events such as dinners, parties or fairs, as well as to be used in emergencies.


The solar panel will charge itself and store the electricity produced to use it later. This means that by having access them, governments could potentially use them for international rescue missions or tragedies such as the recent hurricanes that have struck both North and South America and left millions of people without electricity or warm food.


This invention opens up many doors towards cleaner energy because, through slight-modification, you could charge an electric car, power your mobile home, be warm during the winter, or camp anywhere without the need for a socket.


We love to see how inventions like these are being developed, as by doing so, they are helping other inventors/engineers get new ideas about how to change the production of electricity for it to be completely renew


Take a look at Jesus Guijarro's Top Innovation's Youtube Video and let us know what you think! What use would you give this portable solar panel?

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