This patform will help you transform your life


by Marc Prats

Posted on October 18, 2018

This patform will help you transform your life

Everyone needs help sometimes, even if it’s just a small push to keep going.


Today we are bringing you a new way to find out more about yourself. A group of hosts will talk in a new Transformation TV Show that will be streamed online this Saturday 20th of October 2018.


Leave your worries behind, open your mind and join us in this adventure. Who knows, you might end up discovering a side of you that you didn't know. All we need sometimes is to hear a good piece of advice for that bell to ring in our minds and actually wake up and be able to face a situation.

There is going to be a total of 12 hosts talking about topics ranging from daily struggles and finding harmony in life, to intuition and self-exploration. Think about all the important questions you have asked yourself over the years; for how many of those questions have you found an answer?


It's now or never. If you want to kickstart your new inspired life make sure you watch their live stream. The main host, Patrick Dahdal, states that your life will be different after this weekend.


In order to watch the live stream on Saturday, you can access the registration page on this link.


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