They create a plastic bag that dissolves in water and does not contaminate


by Bel G

Posted on August 6, 2018

They create a plastic bag that dissolves in water and does not contaminate

Researchers at the Chilean company "SoluBag" have created water-soluble plastic bags that do not harm the environment. The innovation does not contain the harmful petroleum derivatives of ordinary plastic, which here have been replaced by derivatives of a non-polluting limestone.

It is a product developed with a material similar to plastic, but which disappears when it comes into contact with water. After four years of research and testing, the team came up with a solution that uses limestone components to produce polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), the main element of the formula for making this material.


Roberto Astete and Cristian Olivares, the people behind the creation of these biodegradable bags, hope to start marketing their product in October in Chile. This country was one of the first in Latin America to prohibit the commercial use of plastic bags.

In a press conference, Astete and Olivares showed the immediate solubility of their bags and said that the only thing left in the water is carbon, which "has no effect on the human body," explained Astete, the company's CEO.

Likewise, the entrepreneurs pointed out that the temperature of the water to which the bag is dissolved can be programmed so that external precipitations such as rain will not impede their use.

Apart from the plastic ones, SoluBag is also developing reusable soluble cloth bags. They also plan to use this material for the creation of the uniform for medical staff.

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