The Philippines will have its first ecological resort that looks like a dream!


by Bel G

Posted on August 21, 2018

The Philippines will have its first ecological resort that looks like a dream!

The Nautilus Eco-Resort, which will be in the Philippines, is one of the most innovative projects in the world for its construction based on recycling, solar energy and its futuristic imprint.

It will be an ecological resort built from the reuse of materials, in the shape of a snail and with revolving towers. Its spiral shape will have visually appealing designs and can accommodate more than 500 guests. Its design is innovative more than anything because, being revolving structures around the natural movement of light, the apartments will be illuminated by the sun throughout the day. Apart from this, rooms without guests will be left under the ground.

The one who leads the project is the architect Vincent Callebaut, who specializes in ecological and innovative architecture. He himself announced that solar energy will use as a source for the construction of the resort.

"Nautilus Eco-Resort goes a step further as it is a project of zero emissions, zero waste, zero poverty. Our new project is a pioneer and ecotourism complex. It has been designed to unite the knowledge of the scientific community with the desire of ecotourists to optimize the protection of a degraded ecosystem such as the Philippines, "explained the 40-year-old architect from Belgium.

It is a perfect combination of beauty and sustainability.

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