The Pet Shelter That Only Hires Homeless People


by Giulia Vandelli

Posted on June 3, 2019

The Pet Shelter That Only Hires Homeless People

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro.

A Brazilian couple rescued an injured dog, but what they didn’t know is that the dog was pregnant, very pregnant.

So, in addition to their 7 dogs, they now had 14.

Most of the puppies found a lovely home in the US, while the others stayed with them.

Because of this experience, animal rescue and animal rights became a fundamental part of this couple relationship. Their pack grew up to 23 dogs!

But this “home-made shelter” started to get a new focus: they decided to work with rescued dogs and homeless people.

The bond that is often created between the animal and the homeless person is a very strong bond, where rule they live by is “my dog always eats first”.

For this reason, the couple decided to develop a shelter where the staff was only made by homeless people who truly love animals.

With this idea, they wanted to create job positions, and so a salary and a home for those in need, by asking them to take care of the animals, with the intention to improve both lives.

The first employee has been Lucas, a 20-year-old homeless boy who was taking care of a very sick puppy, trying to go from one vet to another asking for a free treatment since he couldn’t afford it.

With this job, the young boy was then able to rent an apartment and to stabilise his life.

However, this project needs the public’s help due to the poor economic situation in the country and so the impossibility from the government to invest in it.

The amount of money needed is $250,000 USD, for covering the medical expenses for the animals and the employee' salaries.

You can donate or find more information on their GoFundMe page.

Help them get new starts, together.

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