The Girl Who Helps Celebrate Birthday Parties


by Giulia Vandelli

Posted on April 17, 2019

The Girl Who Helps Celebrate Birthday Parties

Donations and acts of kindness can be done at any age, by anyone, in any kind of field. Even for birthday parties.

That's exactly what a 9-year-old young lady from Kentucky did.

While she was in her First grade at school, talking about her big birthday party, with cakes and lots of friends, one of her classmates told her that he never had a birthday party nor a birthday cake.

80% of the students in Bella's school suffer from poverty and most of the families can't afford a cake.

Heard the situation of her friend, the little girl asked her mum to buy him a birthday cake. But then she got another idea, a bigger one, more engaging.

She started to create plastic containers full of cake mix, icing, and the most important birthday supplies, including party hats, balloons, and banners.

She then decided to give all the boxes to the school’s family resource center in order to distribute all the donations to the families that needed them the most.

Generally, she asked for donations to her neighbors, and for her birthday as well she asked for more cake mix and party hats. But sometimes they weren't enough so she and her mother had to use their own money to complete the boxes.

From 80 boxes made last year, she's planning to make 100 of them for this current one. We're sure she will surpass her goal very easily.

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