The First Erasmus Girl With Down Syndrome


by Giulia Vandelli

Posted on June 6, 2019

The First Erasmus Girl With Down Syndrome

Carmen, a young girl from Spain, has been the first Erasmus student with the down syndrome.

After having seen her sister following an Erasmus programme and having felt a bit jealous, she decided it was the perfect time for her to follow the sister’s path.

So last year, at the age of 23, she spent 6 weeks in Portugal, near Oporto, working for a pharmacy, living a new experience.

Even though learning Portuguese was a little difficult, she enjoyed this new challenge and as a pioneer, she learned to be responsible for her own money. Not only that, she organised herself to do the grocery shopping alone, and to do the laundry as a single young woman as well.

Like her mother stated:” She came back with another maturity”. 

The Erasmus programme is not only made for university studies, but intercultural exchanges for professors and trainees are available too. 

For all candidates, different scholarships are available that will help the “foreigner” covering some expenses during his time abroad.

As she describes herself, thanks to this experience, she is now a strong and independent fighter.

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