The course on happiness that triumphs at Yale University


by Rosa Ruiz

Posted on July 25, 2018

The course on happiness that triumphs at Yale University

'Psychology and the good life' has become the most popular class in history at the prestigious Yale University, USA.

One in four students, 1,200 people in total, looks for the keys to be happy through this subject.

The secret of happiness is a mystery that has remained hidden throughout the history of mankind. There are those who base their lives on obtaining riches that allow them to live as comfortably as possible; others prefer to dedicate their existence to seek true love and even, there are those who decide to surrender to the spiritual side of their existence. The phrase "to be happy is not learned in the university", so many times repeated, stopped making sense on January 12th of this year, when the inscriptions for the course 'Psychology and the good life' were opened. The success of the project carried out at the American University of Yale has been overwhelming. Before the deadline to sign up, 300 people had already done so and shortly after, the number of attendees surpassed the 1,200 students, a quarter of the total number of students on campus. A greater triumph if we bear in mind that most classes never exceed 600 students. The objective of this subject, which is officially the most popular in the 316 years of the university's history, is to teach students how to live a full, satisfying and happy life. During their two weekly conferences, students are expected to show greater gratitude towards the rest, organize their time better and increase the level and number of their social interactions.

The explanation of why success has surpassed all expectations lies in the very essence of Yale. This private University is one of the ones that admit fewer students in the world and its level of demand is maximum. To get into it, many of its members have to leave aside their main hobbies. According to a report that was published in 2013 by the Yale College Council, more than half of the undergraduate students needed mental health support when they were in college. The course is focused on positive psychology, in the conditions necessary for the development of the individual and the application of lessons in real life, has led to the hiring of 24 teaching assistants to meet the intense demand. In addition to having to get a new space to accommodate all attendees. Students should do sporadically short exams, one in the middle of the semester and another as a final test called Hack Yo'Self Project, which is something like to get to hack your life and implement a strategy of personal improvement. A challenge for anyone who wants to be happy and overcome what has already been called the most difficult subject in the world.



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