The cave rescue of Thailand and its heroes


by Rosa Ruiz

Posted on July 13, 2018

The cave rescue of Thailand and its heroes

Rescue in Thai caves: Monk's training was important for the trainer to keep the cave boys alive, says the Buddhist abbot.

Twelve children and their coach entered a cave in Thailand. The children and their monitor, all members of a local football team, went to visit the cave, a well-known tourist attraction in the area, on June 23. A strong storm flooded several parts of the cave and the group was trapped. British divers located them after nine days. It took 17 days to rescue them. The head of the monastery where the football team coach Wild Boars trained as a monk says he believes the players would have died if it were not for Ekkapol "Ek" Chantawong.

Coach Chantawong is a man with a great sense of responsibility, who spends most of his life doing and giving to others.

Buddhist leader praises the trainer's ability to keep children calm. The coach had meditation training since he was a novice monk. The coach helped them stay calm to survive for nine days without food and without knowing if anyone would save them.

Cave diving is dangerous in itself, but finding and releasing the 12 Thai children and their soccer coach from Tham Luang posed extreme challenges.

It took place in a staggered manner and was attended by local authorities and both Thai and foreign volunteers.

The route to get the children out was very complicated. Without light, with slopes, flooded and with very narrow sections. The main concern was a narrow, U-shaped passage, difficult even for professional divers, who took 11 hours to go and return to the point of the cave where the children were, 2.5 kilometres inside the tunnel. One of the volunteer divers died on July 6th after running out of oxygen. His name is Saman Kunan and he will go down in history as a hero.


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