Tabletop gardens for people in wheelchairs


by Susana DĂ­ez

Posted on October 31, 2019

Tabletop gardens for people in wheelchairs

Terry Garret is the creator of gardens adapted for people with reduced mobility. The idea occurred to him when he saw how his brother had to leave the hobby that he liked the best. His illness forced him to move in a wheelchair and he had to give up gettings his hands on the ground. He also didn't have the physical strength to face the effort that gardening requires.

They designed and built the first tabletop garden that was a resounding success. At the end of the year, Terry's brother was able to deal with 40 units and had got all the vegetables needed for winter. The patient's quality of life had to improve markedly. Not only physically, but he also increased a sense of self-worth and accomplishment. He recovered part of his joy.

With these good results, the next step was to design the tabletop so that they could be sold. Terry created a product called "elevated mini gardens" making gardening accessible to all and enriching the environment and lives. The characteristics of tabletop gardens are:

  • wheelchair accessible
  •  all surfaces rounded and smooth for safety
  • wheels for mobility
  • five years limited warranty

The company responsible for manufacturing tabletop gardens has been the T&L group. The product is being used for horticultural and physical therapy; growing curiosity in the classroom and conventional gardens. Mini elevated gardens can be used on a stoop, balcony, patio or deck. The benefits of the Elevated mini gardens in an urban environment allows for ready to use and mobile container gardening. Mobility is one of the key benefits of Elevated mini gardens.

Although Terry was a prize-winner "Horticultural Hero", he continues to work. He desires to find tools that can be useful for all those who want to enjoy horticulture. He believes that in our world today, horticulture is paramount as a means of improving environmental degradation going on around us.

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