Saving Bees Thanks to a Revolutionary 'Honey on tap' Beehive


by Sam Soilihi

Posted on June 20, 2019

Saving Bees Thanks to a Revolutionary 'Honey on tap' Beehive

It has always been known that bees are a much needed insect when it comes to the environment. The reason for this is the fact that we rely on their pollinating activity to feed ourselves. Their pollination, along with the one made by other insects, bird or bats, is the source of one third of the food that we consume everyday. A lot of the fruits and vegetables we eat require pollination and most of it is realised by honey bees.

The importance of these little insects not only concerns the food that they help in producing, but also the non-food products that we have thanks to them like cotton, flax and beewax. All these elements represent an important economic contribution which emphasize how bees a needed.

The Flow Hive, as seen in the picture, allows to extract the bee's honey without crushing or disrupting them, like the usual method does. It is done through an ingenious system that makes the honey flow down into a sort of tap that can be turned on and off to let the sugary substance flow into a jar to collect it.

A young inventor had the idea to make such a beehive after wanting to extract honey without risking being stung by a bee and stressing these insects. After ten years of work, they were finally able to make it and launch it in 2015 thanks to a successful crowdfunding page. Their revolutionary prototype encouraged people to invest in their idea which allowed them to raise over $12 million in 8 weeks.

Today, after four years of selling 51,000 of their beehives all around the world, the positive results can be seen. The loss of bee population has decreased since their habitats are less endangered and this technology doesn't require the use of pesticides. In addition to that, the father-son duo that is responsible for this "honey on tap" hive donated their profits to pollinator projects in Australia and in the United States to help in the protection of these insects.

Their revolution plays a part in the changing of how we use our environment for ourselves at its detriment. It proves that we only have to modify our methods to continue living while taking care of the nature that surrounds us and that feeds us.

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