Reset your biological clock and sleep pattern with a week of camping


by Marc Prats

Posted on October 15, 2018

Reset your biological clock and sleep pattern with a week of camping

Do you remember those holidays when your parents decided to drive for hours to a camping area just to be in touch with nature a bit more? Do you think they did it just like any other holiday? I don’t think so. It has been proven that camping in nature without any access to technology or “time-controlling” tools is beneficial for your body’s biological clock.


What is a biological clock?


This refers to how our body’s needs shape the way we interact with our environment, and vice versa. That is, the environment helps shape our body’s needs. For example, imagine you usually have your lunch at 1 pm but you go on holidays for a week and you always have lunch at 3 pm. Your body is going to need an adaptation period (which can be very short or very long) in order for you to feel hungry again by 1 pm.


This is exactly the type of routines that you can help your body do by getting rid of technology for a week. When that happens, and we base our routines according to sunlight and other external input, our brain rewires itself to adapt to the conditions of the environment, which is the most natural way of resetting your wellbeing.


When the sun rises, you get up and get some breakfast; when you feel hungry, you have lunch; when it gets cooler and you see the sunset, get some dinner ready, and when it’s dark and you can’t keep your eyes open, go to sleep. It sounds familiar, doesn’t it? It’s what you have been doing all your life.


The difference is that you set your own timetables without knowing what time it is, basing on what your body is telling you, rather than what your work shift pattern allows you to do.


Do you feel curious to try this method? Let us know what you think!

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