Pret A Manger Opens A Hostel For The Homeless


by Elaa Abdeltawab

Posted on February 14, 2019

 Pret A Manger Opens A Hostel For The Homeless

Pret a Manger is providing homeless people with accommodations and career opportunities.


Pret a Manger’s charity opens houses and gives homeless people a new start in cooperation with West London Mission (WLM). West London Mission was established in 1887, WLM’s mission is to minimise poverty and homelessness.

Pret a Manger has provided 13 homeless people with shared accommodation in a hostel. The hostel has shared common areas and entertainment. An amount of £200,000 will be invested in the hostel each year. Pret a Manger's aim is to give 26 homeless people the same opportunity within a year.

A new start

Pret a Manger’s project, Rising Stars, strives to "break the cycle of homelessness". Rising Stars gives homeless people a real chance to start a new life by providing them with career opportunities. Hundreds of people have been employed.

Clive Schlee (Pret a Manger’s CEO) started his mission in London and will continue to provide more homeless people with the same opportunity in other cities inside the UK. London has the highest number of homeless people in England, for this reason, Clive Schlee chose London.

Over 450 ex-homeless people were employed by Pret a Manger to work in their branches, around 20% chose to look for other job opportunities to grow professionally after receiving a good career start at Pret a Manger.


Pret a Manger hopes other companies will start a similar project to support the homeless people and avoid poverty.


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