Mum is looking for homeless man after his selfless act


by Judith Van Duinen

Posted on March 11, 2018

Mum is looking for homeless man after his selfless act


JESS BEECH is tracking down a homeless man to thank him for his selfless act. She was completely shocked after a night out.


The young mum was distraught after realizing the designer item.Its precious contents were gone, including her daughter’s hospital tag.


A soup kitchen worker knocked two weeks later on her door to hand the purse back to her.


The volunteer told her that it had been passed on by a homeless man who wanted to see that she got it back.


The young mum was so moved that she posted a revealing heart-warming act of kindness.


She posted a picture of the purse and wrote: “So I’m completely shocked at this — tonight the door went and it was a volunteer from the soup kitchen in the bombed-out church.”


“A homeless man had given her my purse to deliver back to me after I lost it on my famous first night out since having my baby.”


“Inside was everything along with Darcie’s hospital tag which means more than anything.”


Jess asked people to share her post and she now wants to track down the good Samaritan to reward him for his kindness.


She said: “That poor man has nothing and yet there he was making sure I still got my purse back.”


“I spent more on that purse than he will probably see for months and he still got it back to me.”


“Just wanna kit him out with warm clothes and food — wish I knew who he was.”


“I know it’s a long shot but if people could share this and see if the volunteer gets to see it maybe she could point him out or something next week when I go.”


This story was originally published in The Sun and is republished with permission.


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