Mindfulness in 370 Schools in The UK


by Giulia Vandelli

Posted on June 10, 2019

Mindfulness in 370 Schools in The UK

Have you ever thought why children start to scream with no reason, they act aggressively, and they kick who / whatever is around them?

Most of the time the reason is found in their inability to express in the correct way their emotions and feelings.

Nobody taught them how to do it, here’s why 370 schools in the UK are now ready to include mindfulness and meditation classes in their programmes.

Thanks to the mental study conducted wanted by the British government, and the NHS research, it has been discovered that 1 out of 8 children suffer from mental issues, but only 1 out of 5 can access to the right treatment.

Here’ why children are now being taught how to meditate, techniques for muscle relaxation and breathing exercises for mindfulness. 

And secondary students will also have a deeper practise where they will learn about awareness and how to be the best version of themselves.

But the UK isn’t the first country where this new possibility is offered.

A school in Baltimore, back in 2016, introduced this new idea. They started by replacing detention with spaces where the children had the possibility to learn and do breathing exercises, yoga, and to practise meditation.

Interviewed by the CNN young boy stated, after having spent some time in the room because of having bullied a classmate:” I did some deep breathing, had a little snack, and I got myself together. Then I apologized to my class.”

An alternative but yet more constructive way to teach children how to behave, instead of humiliating them in front of the entire classroom, which was probably one of the main reasons why he was so aggressive.

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