Love at First Sight Might be Real


by Sam Soilihi

Posted on May 7, 2019

Love at First Sight Might be Real

What may seem like something that you only see in the movies or that happens rarely when you're lucky, is actually something that is quite normal for some people

At a day and age where some choose who they will date or not just with a swipe of the finger, the notions of romance are changing because of technology.

The basic scenario on these dating apps is that you match, chat and see each other if there's a good feeling to confirm the possibility that the other can be a good partner. But this whole concept is quite opposed to what love at first sight is

Even though, the youth who are using dating apps to meet new people are less likely to fall in love at first sight, older adults are more prone to this phenomenon. And experience has a role to play in it.

A study suggests that the older you are, the greater the ability to know how attracted you are to a person from the moment you first set your eyes on them. This does not only apply in dating but for life in general: with age, you tend to know what you are looking for and you are less inclined in making sacrifices

That's why the study found that people in their 60s could decide within minutes if they wanted the date to continue or not, saving time for the two persons involved.

Furthermore, the study also claims that after their forties, people are more looking for someone to talk to than someone with whom you're looking for fun and sexual chemistry. What you are looking for in a potential partner in thus completely different.

So love at first sight is not as crazy as you might think if you consider it to be a clear attraction to a person without even having talked to them, since you're already guessing whether you like that person or not. We mentioned older adults but it can also happen to the youth if they clearly know what they want.

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