Less packaging more breathing


by Susana Díez

Posted on September 5, 2019

Less packaging more breathing

We have a problem with ocean pollution, but we have also the solution: producing less plastic packaging. There are a lot of countries and companies are working for recycling and created solutions for an environment cleaner. For example:


In New Zealand, a supermarket called “New World” doesn' t pack fruit and vegetables so they save tonnes of plastic every year. This is good for the supermarket because the sales have raised and for the clients, they can smell the fresh fruits without plastic.


In Germany, the new startup “Saltwater Brewery” has invented a replacement of single-use plastic spoons. They work with cacao fibres and re-use the waste product of cacao production. This product is 100% free of sugar and vegan.


In the USA, the brand “Saltwater Brewery” has created a new way of packaging. This system is completely biodegradable, even the turtle can eat it. It has been made by wheat and barley.


In China, there is a big problem with wasting because the population is growing. They have invented a system to prevent organic waste. There are farms with cockroaches. These animals eat 50 tonnes of organic waste daily. When the cockroaches died, they are eaten by pigs or get used as medicine.


In Indonesia, a company called “Evoware” has developed a biodegradable packaging with seagrass. This material is cultivated by local farms in the ocean, so they improve the local economy. And of course the forest not be destroyed because Seagrass can be cultivated in almost every ocean.


In Thailand, the supermarket chain “Rimping” is replacing packaging to banana lives. This material is biodegradable. There is an important problem here because this country is one of the biggest causes of plastic pollution with 1 million tonnes per year.


In England, a supermarket called “Thornton' s Budgens” has banned plastic packaging. They have changed the packaging of 1700 products, and want to increase for all products.


As we see, there are many examples of saving the environment. It doesn't matter if it is a big or small thing, the most important thing is that doing your best according to your limits.


So, start to heal the environment and then she will heal you, your family, your kids...

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