Laurent Simons, the Belgian boy who will start university at age 8


by Rosa Ruiz

Posted on August 1, 2018

Laurent Simons, the Belgian boy who will start university at age 8

At age 8, he received his high school diploma and made the difference.

At first glance, he seems common among the thousands of students who graduate in schools around the world. But when he received his diploma from the group of 18-year-olds, his small stature and young age made a difference and attracted attention.

Simons is only eight years old and has already finished his intermediate studies thanks to his IQ.

According to what his parents explained to the local media, the child has an IQ of 145, which has allowed him to finish his studies in record time.

In Belgium, the secondary school takes about six years ... and he did it in a year and a half.

Laurent shows a special interest in mathematics, "because it is very broad, there are statistics, geometry and algebra." Although at first, he thought about being a surgeon and even an astronaut, now he is turning to the world of information technology.

His father explained that the boy had had problems in early childhood to play with other children since he was not interested in toys. But he says that the decision of the university career that will begin in a few months is not a concern for the family.

"If he decides to become a carpenter tomorrow, that would not be a problem for us, as long as he's happy," the father says proudly.

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