Hundreds of cats were rescued after California’s wildfire


by Elaa Abdeltawab

Posted on February 13, 2019

Hundreds of cats were rescued after California’s wildfire

The Ally Cat Allies Centre and FieldHaven Feline Center have been rescuing cats that have been abandoned by their families after the wildfire disaster in California, USA.

What happened to the abandoned cats?

Following the wildfire disaster, many families left their homes in California to escape the fire. Unfortunately, many pets were left behind during the evacuation. Both animal shelters decided to rescue the abandoned cats and return them to their families. Over 1000 cats have been rescued.

Thankfully, most cats were left unharmed after the disaster. Though, their mental health was not left untouched; the cats are stressed and 

traumatised due to events they have been through.

Family reunion

Many of the rescued cats have been reunited with their families. Those cats that did not get picked up by their families are up for adoption.

The Ally Cat Allies Centre encourages people to adopt the cats that were left behind by their families. Ally Cat Allies Centre promises to give the cats a good medical treatment. People are advised to adopt the cats after they have been recovered from the traumatic events.

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