Huge Welcome Back For An Elementary School Custodian


by Giulia Vandelli

Posted on March 13, 2019

Huge Welcome Back For An Elementary School Custodian

After being in a waiting list for nearly three years, the elementary school custodian Mr D, Tyrees Dandridge, finally got his two transplants, and he was not expecting such a nice and big "Welcome Back".

Not even a month after the surgery, Mr D was able to reunite with his students, and the entire school was there to greet him.

He has worked for nearly 20 years at this elementary school in Virginia. He knew that he could expect people to welcome him back, but he did not expect 600 students and a number of news channels to show up.

Banners and flying high-fives were all around.

Both his heart and kidney transplants went well. Before the surgeries, Mr D could barely walk, now he is feeling like a brand new man.

He hopes that his story inspires other people to donate their organs in order to help others that are in need.


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