How One Person Changes the World


by Maria N. Selina Öc

Posted on May 2, 2019

How One Person Changes the World

Do you sometimes feel like you can not make a difference? Like you are just a single small piece of the world? Here is some evidence to show you that it’s not true.

1979 the 16-year old Jadev Payeng was making a horrible discovery. While he was making a walk, he found hundreds of dead reptiles and snakes. What caused the death? A water shortage and the lack of shading trees. The landscape had a barren ground and the probability for plants to grow was very low. Even though Jadev Payend decided to plant bamboo trees on the ground. He collected red ants from his home village to make the ground more fertile. Since then he is planting trees every day. In the last 40 years, he planted a 55 hectares forest. If you want to know more about Jadev Payeng, have a look at the documentary “Forest Man“ which you can watch for free on Youtube.

Dominik Bloh used to be homeless for 10 years. As he fought the homelessness, his aim is to support others. He got some inspiration from projects in L.A and San Franciso where shower buses drive through the street to give homeless people the chance to wash themselves. In Hamburg there are 22 places for homeless people to take a shower, they are open for a few hours a day and some cost money. Having the possibility to take a shower is giving homeless people the chance to feel more conscious and to feel well. Dominik Bloh started a crowdfunding project. The aim is to offer a shower bus which includes single bathrooms, sanitary products, and fresh clothes. Until now the GoBanyo project raised more than 168 thousand euro.

Luca Trapanse, a single man from Italy has showed his great heart. The Little Alba was born with down-syndrome. Her mother gave her away. Bbecause of her physical limitation over 20 families did not want to adopt her. Since many years Luca Trapanse wanted to adopt a child, what had been impossible for homosexual in Italy. 2017 the law in Italy changed, with the limitation that homosexual people can only adopt children with a disease, a serve disability or behavioral problems. Luca Trapanse was working with disabled people for over 20 years, he wanted to adopt a disabled child. When he saw Alba the first time, he directly felt like she is his daughter.

Guru Nanak Dev was a founder of the religion Sikh and a huge admirer of nature. The Sikh religion believes that there is only one God who is the same for all religions. The Sikhs believe in rebirth and they preach that people no matter which race, the religion or sex are equal. 26 Million Sikhs live all over the world, most of them in India in the federal state Punjab. In honor of Guru Nanak Dev‘s 550. Birthday his devotees want to plant 1 Million trees worldwide. Until now most of the trees were planted in Punjab, but there were other plantings in the USA, Australia, Kenia and in the United Kingdom. The aim of the campaign is also to strengthen the connection to Nature and to make an important improvement in the local ecosystem.

The 24-year-old Emmanuel Niyoyabikoze was born in Bubanza (Burundi). In Juli 2018 he started a campaign with the aim to prevent the desertification in Burundi. How does he want to achieve that? Simply by planting trees. He was building up a greenhouse with the small budget he had and began to plant trees and plants. Up to now, he was able to raise more than 40.000 little trees in his greenhouse. Due to the desertification, a lot of people from Burundi are having a restricted possibility to plant food. In the cause of that, they suffer from deficiency symptoms. Emmanuel Niyoyabikoze is planting fruit-bearing trees to prevent hunger and diseases which are caused by deficiency.

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Mara 2019-05-02 15:05:45 Reply

    These are inspiring stories! Thanks for researching them and sharing the positivity. One can achieve a lot by oneself, even more in a team, and maybe the most by inspiring others with ones actions. Greetings, Mara

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Esteban 2019-05-02 15:35:43

    You are welcome Maria, thank you for your nice comment! Best wishes
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Esteban 2019-05-02 15:43:57

    And yes, the limit of we can achieve is in our minds.

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