Higher Education Institutions are Starting to Value Creative Thinking


by Sam Soilihi

Posted on May 15, 2019

Higher Education Institutions are Starting to Value Creative Thinking

Among all the countries from which an international student can choose, the UK is placed among the best premium destinations. Known for its respected and recognized education, a diploma from a UK institution would be accepted by employers all around the world. Even though it is quite expensive, colleges here have the quality of being forward-thinking. Students are trained to have the required skills to start a career, the type of skills that employers are looking for nowadays.

The ability to think critically, to solve problems and to show creativity are what is being sought more often. Because creativity is what will lead someone to innovative ideas, something very important and that is crucial when seeking to be an entrepreneur. Therefore, it is important to have critical thinkers and some UK colleges have understood that. These colleges are the one that would be recommended whether you are an international student or not, looking for a place to study.

Five colleges are known for adopting this progressive way of educating in the UK. They are New College Durham, Loughborough College, Bournemouth & Poole College and Exeter College. These colleges guarantee a nice student experience thanks to the associations, clubs and networks that they have. For an international student, it’s the best one can think of. These elements allow not only a professional transformation but also a personal one. Students will be able to pursue their talents thanks to the encouragement of the teachers since most of these colleges have small class sizes. To help with getting your first job, these places offer counseling to guide you and industry links for most of them thanks to their partners. 

This value of creative thinking is an example that the UK is setting and that is already being applied in other countries such as the United States. 

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