Good things still happen to good people


by Susana Díez

Posted on October 10, 2019

Good things still happen to good people

There is a Youtuber who is dedicated to putting on his channel recording about the act of giving thousands of dollars to people he does not know. He has achieved his fame by showing how people react to these situations.


This history is another example that strengthens his idea “good things still happen to good people”.


Mr. Beast, an online blogger, was recorded himself leaving thousands of dollars as a tip.  The events occurred in the state of Carolina during October.


Mr. Beast and his friend started going to the restaurant to order two bottles of water. When they paid for them and received the change, they left a bigger and bigger tip. Initial tip amounts were $10 or $20, but every time they got to a new place, the amount increased.


The record presented in the video is reached in a town called Greenville. A waiter at Sup Dogs, a popular hot dog joint in Greenville, got quite surprised on Friday afternoon when a customer walked out and left $10.000 cash in his table as a tip. Brett Oliverio, the owner of Sup Dogs, who said a man entered the restaurant on Friday and ordered two bottles of water. He sipped waters for a few minutes while he browsed the menu, and then he left without ordering anything else.  After, the server found $10.000 in cash on the table along with a note that said, "Thanks for the delicious water".  After the initial surprise, the waiter was also very supportive. The server kept $800 but chose to divide the rest with his coworkers.


This is a typical example of what appears on his channel of Youtuber. The idea that he wants to spread is that good actions generate in turn other new positive acts. This way it shows that the real secret of happiness and success lies in giving of yourself to others. When we give, we reduce depression, actually live longer, and open a world of other health benefits. Watching with good actions and their positive consequences to invite us to make changes in our behaviour. Even if it is not believed that good things happen to good people, it is better to do good things so as not to waste time.

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