Gang leader helps children


by Susana Díez

Posted on November 21, 2019

Gang leader helps children

Original Gangster United, a pathway to ending gang opposition, promoting peace, and saving young generations from senseless of violence. These former leaders are familiar with the problems young people face and can offer solutions.

In the city of Dallas, OGU has been formed to eliminate violence from its streets. One of its founders, Antong Lucky never aspired to be part of a band or to end up in jail. But sadly, many communities affected by peer pressure and gang violence leave kids with no choice. When Anton left prison, he began working to bring opposing Dallas gang leaders to put an end to gang violence. And it worked.

As a former gang leader, he uses his life-changing in prison experience to identify and train people who can genuinely connect with and help kids reach their potential. Authentic relationships are the key to personal transformation, and that is what OGU participants are helping to create within their community. For the children of Dallas, these ex-gang leaders may be their only chance.

According to the data, the people who have just left the jail in their first year, are less likely to relapse. The first step is to empower these former gangsters and teach them how to be a true peace ambassador. The second step is to go out in their community and mentor the younger generation in the area of violence reduction. This nonprofit is doing the impossible-finding the 10% of gang members responsible for 90% of the crime and leading them to successful, positive lives. Children follow the mentor's experience closely and can see the real changes that have taken place in their lives after the abandonment of the violence.

They're able to help them with get an education, the tools they need for a brighter future. They run several businesses to provide jobs and employment. Most importantly, they use the power of community to cultivate a network where people can support each other and provide relationships outside of gangs or crime. They are an example of social entrepreneurs who are exploring new solutions to big social problems.

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