From Homeless Immigrant To Chess Championship Winner


by Giulia Vandelli

Posted on March 27, 2019

From Homeless Immigrant To Chess Championship Winner

Here is the story of the incredible prodigy named “Tani”.

An 8-year-old boy who in just one year of practice won the New York’s championship of chess on his first try.

Arrived in the US just two years ago, Tani and his family were escaping from Nigeria because of the violent attacks made against Christian families.

They lived in a shelter in Manhattan under the help of a local pastor, who helped the young boy to attend the elementary school. In this local school, he was introduced to the chess game thank to his teacher Russell Makofsky, who was also in charge of the chess club in the same school.

Tani was enthusiastic about the game, but the fees were so high that he couldn’t afford them.

But once again, the teacher came in help and covered all the costs for the boy and welcomed him in the club.

At his first chess tournament, the “checkmate” didn’t get a nice score, he actually got the lowest score.

But only one year later, he won, on the first try, the state championship trophy.

Every night, practising and practising he managed to be the best!

The same teacher opened a GoFundMe page as well, and he already raised over $200,000, in order to help the young prodigy and his family to get a house.

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