First 3D color radiograph


by Marina Morg

Posted on July 16, 2018

First 3D color radiograph

Scientist of New Zeland carried out the entire first 3D color radiograph on a human, using a technique that promises to improve the field.

Colored X-rays work like cameras because they have shutters that, when open, detect different particles that hit their pixels. This creates a color image with a higher resolution than standard X-rays, according to technology manufacturer CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research).

This technique of color X-ray imaging could produce clearer and more accurate images and help doctors to give more accurate diagnoses to their patients. The small pixels and the precise resolution of the machine's energy allow this new imaging tool to obtain images that no other imaging tool can reach.

Although initially created to identify particles for use in physics, the high-resolution and highly reliable images of the scanner make it ideal for medical use, the researchers say. It could give them a much better idea of how far advanced the cancer is, which could better determine what treatment is best for that patient. The images very clearly show the difference between bone, muscle, and cartilage, but also the position and size of cancerous tumors. So you wouldn’t have to wait to see if the tumor has reduced in size to know if the treatment is working; you could get that information much earlier with the new tool before the tumor has changed size, you would know whether the treatment is working or not.

The technology is marketed by New Zealand. The company MARS Bioimaging, linked to the universities of Otago and Canterbury that contributed to its development.

In the coming months, orthopedic and rheumatology patients in New Zealand will be scanned by the revolutionary MARS scanner in a clinical trial that is a world first, paving the way to a potentially routine use of this new generation equipment.


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