EU proposes new rules - say bye to single-use plastics


by Marc Prats

Posted on October 29, 2018

EU proposes new rules - say bye to single-use plastics

We may not think about it too much, but everything that we do has a repercussion in our surroundings. Pollution comes in many forms, but there is one that causes great harm even though we don’t realise it.


Plastic builds up a shocking 85% of all litter found in the oceans, rivers and seas around the planet. This means, every single candy wrap, straw, plastic bag, food container, and for that matter any other single-use plastic which is not recycled properly, will end up at the bottom of the sea.


The European Union has proposed a change to the current situation by proposing enforcement of the rules that don’t really have any effect on how people treat the environment. If the European Parliament approves the rules, some materials such as “plastic cotton buds, cutlery, plates, straws, drink stirrers and sticks for balloons” will have to be made of more sustainable materials, or they will not be able to sell them.


Manufacturers of products like food containers or balloons will have to help cover the cost of their disposal.


These measures do not seem to be the definite solution to the Earth’s problems, but we hope it will help change the well-consolidated concept of plastic as a harmless material.


The fight begins at home by reducing the use of such materials, buying vegetables without

wrappings, using glass containers and separating materials for recycling, to name a few.


You can find more detail about this plan in the European Union Press Release

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