Estonia: the free public transport country


by Elaa Abdeltawab

Posted on February 8, 2019

Estonia: the free public transport country

Tallinn was the first European city to offer free public transport services for all citizens in 2013. More regions in Estonia established the idea over the years. Nearly all regions in Estonia offer free public transport at the moment. This was decided to solve several problems: to stop the big numbers of people moving into the big cities and to reduce pollution.

Eleven out of the fifteen Estonian regions became part of the plan. The Estonian government is trying to become a ‘greener’ country by reducing the carbon dioxide of vehicles. Their aim is to make citizens consume less and live a more ecological lifestyle.

There are places in Europe that are considering introducing free public transport services. France’s capital, Paris, is contemplating to introduce free transport services to reduce pollution and bad traffic in the city. Some other regions have already introduced free public transportation.  Luxembourg has also introduced free train, tram and bus services in the entire country.

It is the question of whether more European countries establish free public transport for a 'greener' world.

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