Can A Fortune Cookie Make You Win $100,000?


by Giulia Vandelli

Posted on March 8, 2019

Can A Fortune Cookie Make You Win $100,000?

Sometimes what you need is just a little bit of fortune, or a cookie, or a fortune cookie.

Diego Caceres wasn't expecting to win $100,000 at all, but he trusted the sweet suggestion.

After having lunch with his brother at a Chinese restaurant in Maryland (US), he asked for a fortune cookie which stated: “it is your lucky day”. None of them paid attention to it and continued with the day.

Once they stopped at a 7-Eleven shop, he thought about his earlier “revelation” and he borrowed $10 for a Power 8s scratch ticket from his brother and there he got the reveal.

HE WON $100,000!

This young man said that he will be sharing the won with his brother, but he plans to visit his family and to go seeing a few soccer games in South America and in Europe as well.

What a lucky day!

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