A retired elephant


by Susana Díez

Posted on September 30, 2019

A retired elephant

The last elephant that worked in a circus in Denmark has been bought by the authorities. The government wants the animal to have a quiet retreat. It is a sample of the change in the sensitivity of the people towards animals. The amount of money paid is not known exactly, but it is said that it has reached $1,6 million. Also, a new law will prevent the presence of animals in circuses from the end of this year.

It is not the only elephant that the government has bought. Currently, the Animal Protection Denmark has four other specimens in its care. The origin has been the same, all come from the circus that sold them. They have not found yet a permanent place where animals can live their retirement, although they are calm. In this new situation, they can spend their golden years enjoying their retirement in much happier and healthier conditions.

Other countries such as Germany or the United Kingdom are also joining the ban on animals in a circus. Germany has also become a pioneer by including holograms of animals in circus shows. The Circus Roncalli decided to employ a production team to create an elaborate new hologram show that uses the images of animals. The show depicts dazzling herds of horses, a performing elephant, an even a massive golden goldfish in the middle of the stage.

In the United States, there is a lot of difference between the laws of each state. Somes like New Jersey, Hawai, and California are creating laws that punish animal abuse. For example, the California governor has banned using any tool designed to inflict pain for training or controlling the behaviour of captives elephants.

There are also initiatives from several US cities that follow this sensitivity. 145 cities have introduced laws that restrict the presence of animals in shows. This protection is used mostly with wild animals but gradually extends to other species. With this legislation, it is possible to stop the mistreatment of animals. They will no longer be forced to perform unnatural tricks, transported around the country and kept in cramped, temporary accommodation. Animals suffer in the name of entertainment.


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