A Multinational Company Cleans The Thames River In London


by Elaa Abdeltawab

Posted on February 27, 2019

A Multinational Company Cleans The Thames River In London

The world's biggest furniture retail company launches boats to clean the polluted rivers in London.

The Swedish furniture retail company's latest innovation is called 'The Good Ship'. These boats clean the polluted waters in the south of London from plastic and other rubbish. The Good Ship’s design and functions were inspired by the SMÅKRYP, a toy boat for bathtubs. The boats are around 30 meters and 70 kilograms each. One Good Ship is capable of collecting approximately 20 kilograms of litter. The collected litter will be recycled.

The Good Ships are controlled remotely. Anyone can sign up to steer one of the boats and clean the polluted water. Even though it is a fun and easy way to clean the rivers, the Swedish company is not planning to sell the boats just yet.

The boats were launched in the river The Thames, a river in Greenwich, a district in London. Greenwich was chosen because it will be the home of the first most sustainable IKEA store in the world. IKEA’s new store, which was opened earlier this month, was completed with a roof garden and other green spaces. The heating systems will be using renewable energy. Also, the location is easily accessible by public transport. This will encourage the customers to visit the store by public transport rather than by car.


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