A friendship between porcupine and dog


by Susana Díez

Posted on September 16, 2019

A friendship between porcupine and dog

The stranged couple formed by a baby porcupine and a sausage dog has surprised everyone. 


The history began when Diablo, the porcupine was rejected by his mother. He was born in Cotswold Wildlife Park in Oxfordshire, England. His mother previously had twins and she was still taking care of them. She wasn't really ready for another baby. So the zookeeper Estelle Morgan picked him up and took him home. She gave him an opportunity to grow and develop.


At Morgan's house lives the dog called Fig. When the two animals met, Diablo was a little scared, but soon they liked each other. Actually, they have become the best friends and spent all day playing together. For example, they run together through the garden and the dog takes care of the porcupine. It's also helping him use his social skills. Fig has a lot of patience and he is very kind to Diablo. The porcupine was very brave since he was born, but now he shows more quiet and softer.


The porcupine is being bottle-fed. Every two hours he takes one bottle. Although the first days Estelle was worried, little by little she felt better. The most difficult thing was when Diablo latched on and suckled on his own from the bottle for the first time. His weight at the beginning was only 300 grams. At this moment, with six weeks old he has got 1.8 kilograms. He has also begun to eat some apples and sweet potatoes. Estelle was worried about hand-rearing, but now she glad to have got it.


She is happy for the routines achieved with the porcupine. Not only in food, but also in behaviour in coexistence. Diablo follows Estelle around the kitchen and looks for her to relax. The dog is happy with his new best friend.


The next step is to change the porcupine's food introducing more solid foods. Estelle can go longer in between feeds and she'll sleep better.


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