A boy of 12 years, the youngest university student in Mexico


by Bel G

Posted on August 7, 2018

A boy of 12 years, the youngest university student in Mexico

With the amazement and energy of a child but with the maturity and responsibility of an adult, Carlos Santamaría will study in one of the most prestigious universities in Latin America. With only 12 years old, this child will study biomedical physics at the UNAM.

When Carlos Santamaría goes out to play like the other kids his age, few imagine that his IQ is so high that he will start a university career this week. The most sharp-sighted deduce that his ability to analyze is typical of a "genius", however, he prefers not to call it that because he does not like that word. You do not feel a genius, you feel a child who does what he likes and does well. That is, a happy child.

His parents noticed the little boy's cognitive abilities and fed his appetite to know more and more. At age 9, he had his first contact with what is today his alma mater. He completed a diploma on infrared spectroscopy, NMR and mass spectroscopy. And he promised to come back as a university student.

With several studies at leading scientific institutions, two diplomas and the high school at the Institute of Higher Studies in Monterrey, he fulfilled his promise to return to the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

The university will accompany its adaptation process on campus, which it will share with students older than him. One of the teachers said that "it will be a mutual learning process since Carlos will learn about the career and they will work with their abilities".

On August 6, Carlos will begin the university adventure, which he hopes to take advantage of to carry out his thesis project. "I think we can rebuild a cell, cure all its diseases, for example, the mitochondria, which has an outer and an inner membrane. Although it is relatively simple, it has a lot of components: proteins, even its own DNA, ribosomes; you can try to create a treatment", said Santamaría in conversations with the media.


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