A 100-Year-Old Skydives On Her Birthday


by Elaa Abdeltawab

Posted on March 7, 2019

A 100-Year-Old Skydives On Her Birthday

Jane Haynes, a 100-year-old woman from Arizona, celebrated her 100th birthday by jumping out of a plane from 13,000 feet in the air. Haynes’ daughter and granddaughter joined her on her first skydiving experience.

Jane Haynes is known for her adventurous activities. When Haynes turned 70 years, she hiked the 277-miles-long Grand Canyon. Hot air ballooning was her way of celebrating her 75th birthday. On her 80th birthday, Haynes heli-hiked the Canadian mountains.

Skydiving might seem like a terrifying idea to some people, however, Haynes found it exciting. ‘’I wasn’t scared, just did it,’’ she said. “I floated around and I saw the world down below and I couldn't figure out where it was, seemed to be everywhere,’’

Haynes likes adventures; she travelled to many countries before she turned 70. Jane Haynes said she has been enjoying her life to the fullest since she turned 60. Her daughter said ‘’she told me at one point that her life began at 60.’’
When Jane Haynes was asked about her secret to life, she answered ‘’Always wear a smile, I don’t like frowns.’’

Haynes said she is still thinking about her next adventure.


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