7-Year-Old Police Officer


by Ezgi Yılmaz

Posted on July 11, 2019

7-Year-Old Police Officer

Oliver Davis is a little "police officer" who is spreading love to nursing homes in Kansas City, Kansas. He is 7 and a police officer at the same time. How come? Let's have a look.

When his mother, Brandi Davis asked Olive "What is being a police officer?" and then she explained how they are there to help people. At that moment, Oliver discovered how much he wants to help people.

The idea came from this conversation.

Firstly, he visited his grandmother’s nursing home and gave flowers to other patients as well.

“After the first nursing home he was hooked,” said Davis, “At the first nursing home he said, 'Is it OK to give them a hug?' And Brandi said, 'Absolutely!'”

Oliver has been starting to visit nursing homes and give out hugs, flowers, and tickets for being "too cute" to elderly patients. While he has been doing these, all the time he wears a police officer uniform. Can you imagine how he looks like? Little cutie pie.

Two years later, Oliver continues to visit two nursing homes a week across Overland Park in Kansas City.

He spends about two to three hours giving flowers and hugs. Davis said that he has handed out 15,000 flowers in the past year alone.

“We have people cry when they hug him and not want to let him go," Brandi said. "We have to pry him out of their arms."

Little touches make big differences.

Never give up helping people, little police officer. The world needs you.

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