Recycled Park: a park made with recycled plastics in the Netherlands


by Rosa Ruiz

Posted on July 16, 2018

 Recycled Park: a park made with recycled plastics in the Netherlands

Recycled Park

The Dutch city of Rotterdam opens the first recycled park in Europe.

It is a floating platform made with plastics collected from the sea water and created by the Dutch architect Ramon Knoester. "Recycled Park" is the first floating park made with recycled plastics from Europe.

The idea came to the structural engineer of the company Whim Architecture several years ago, "moved by concern about the number of kilos of plastic floating in the sea and rivers". What are we leaving to future generations? He wondered.

The urgency to do "something" to stop plastic pollution was what led him to put his idea on paper, start looking for funding and ask for the necessary permits to the municipality, and so the recycled park was born.

The project is intended to sustainably improve the lives of local residents, as well as the habitat of fish and other aquatic creatures. The construction is very close to the port because a green area was necessary for urban and industrial areas.

Once inaugurated his first project, the idea of this architect is to repeat the park in other cities, like in the capital, Amsterdam, where his company is about to reach agreements to install a recycled park.

His objective is not limited to the borders of the Netherlands, since it already has confirmed plans for Charleroi (Brussels) or in Jakarta (Indonesia), one of the cities most affected by the invasion of plastic waste in the waters.

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