Young people from India create aloe vera batteries that do not pollute


by Esteban Tejedor

Posted on August 15, 2021

Young people from India create aloe vera batteries that do not pollute

The first green and environmentally friendly 1.5V AA and AAA size batteries are being developed in Rajasthan, India.

The Aloe Ecell company has succeeded in replacing the chemicals and environmentally harmful products in standard batteries with the electrolyte from the aloe vera plant. The technology used in this particular converts the chemical energy of the aloe plant into electrical energy.

Aloe Ecell batteries provide clean energy and at the time of expiring their useful life, they do not present dangers to the environment when they are left in the garbage dumps. Although the fame of the aloe plant is held for its moisturising properties, it is now used to provide an energetic alternative.

In addition, the company claims that they have a 1.5 times longer useful life than conventional batteries, and at a cost 10% cheaper.

Nimisha Varma, from Lucknow, and Naveen Suman, from Bundi (Rajasthan), are the ones who have successfully completed a project that is directly linked to the conservation of the planet.

This "green electronic battery" has been awarded at the Innovation Summit 2021 in Spain.

Aloe batteries can be used to power low, medium and high consumption devices. Although the technology is not yet patented, work is already underway regarding the final price of the battery. It is thought that the price could be between 0.13 dollars per unit. The comparative advantages of these batteries in relation to conventional ones are the following:

  • They are popular.
  • They are natural and ecological.
  • They are not dangerous and their operation is innocuous.
  • They work 50% more than conventional batteries.
  • They cost 10% less than mercury batteries.

Aloe batteries present the possibility for farmers to diversify the income from their production. For India, it can mean an additional source of income, since markets such as Europe and the United States have strong intentions of being regular customers of this product that is awaiting patents.

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