You won't have to pay tax for using solar energy in Spain anymore


by Marc Prats

Posted on October 11, 2018

You won't have to pay tax for using solar energy in Spain anymore

A few days ago, the Spanish government announced that it had banned the existing tax on solar powered homes.
A few years ago, the same government announced that anyone who wanted to use solar panels in their homes would have to give a fixed percentage of the energy produces to the tax office. The arguments did not sound credible at all, as they probably saw an opportunity for income, due to the increasing popularity of solar panels. 
The ban does not mean you won’t be completely tax free if you have a solar panel at home. What it’s trying to say is that, in the case where a house is self sustainable, it won’t have to pay any tax. If you have a self sustainable home but are still connected to the electricity supplier as a 'just in case', you will have to keep paying the tax.
It’s a small step but it’s a step forward after all. Taking into account the amount of months of constant sun the Spanish peninsula enjoys of every year, we wonder why there is no government plan to introduce solar panels (or any other source of renewable energy for that matter) in every single building.  
If you’d like to read what the Spanish Government has to say about that, read the following official document that explains the above in more detail (in Spanish):

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