The entrepreneurial solution to reforest the forests


by Esteban Tejedor

Posted on July 27, 2022

The entrepreneurial solution to reforest the forests

Fernando Cervigón, founder of the NGO Trees4Humanity, has developed a system of biodegradable pots with which he has already planted 2 million trees; he wants to plant up to 100 million worldwide.

In the midst of the chaos caused by the fires that devastate the forests now in summertime, a solution to reforest them has more importance than ever. Reforestation plans are one of the most effective ways to fight climate change.

For this reason, the Spanish Fernando Cervigón founded the NGO Trees4Humanity six years ago, which promotes projects not only in Spain but also in different parts of the world such as Uganda, Namibia, Amazonas, Borneo or Papua. Fernando's goal is to plant 100 million trees in the next few years.

However, for years, one of the main contradictions that drew the attention of this young man from Madrid about reforestation projects was that plastic pots were used to plant the seeds, thus wasting tons of this material manufactured mainly in Asian countries, and that it did not generate any profit in the countries where it was used. For this reason, Fernando began to work on a solution that came to light a few months ago and that is revolutionizing the way things are done: the manufacture of biodegradable pots with the use of algae and organic waste.

"When we began to develop this initiative we were not aware of the magnitude of the impact that the manufacture of biodegradable pots would generate among local communities", says Fernando. In this way, in addition to avoiding the use of millions of plastics, this system represents a commitment to the local communities near the reforestation areas. Specifically, for the manufacture of biodegradable pots, the NGO works mainly with groups of women at risk of social exclusion.

Since this system has been implemented, a source of income has already been provided to more than 2,500 families in rural areas. "For a project of these characteristics to be successful in the long term, it is essential to provide local communities with the necessary tools and means so that they are capable of managing their own natural resources", he explains.


Blockchain to reforest the world

An initiative that is also using blockchain technology to ensure the traceability of the project, and that, as a whole, is generating a lot of interest among the main actors in the international environmental community, for example, in the UN, as well as in private companies, with which Tress4Humanity already works.

Tress4Hummanity is in charge of the entire reforestation process, from the development of the seeds in the nursery to the arrival of the tree in the forest, assessing the planting season, taking into account the rain cycles and the weather, something that represents a significant challenge because, due to the climate crisis, seasonal changes are increasingly unpredictable.

The NGO is also in charge of carefully selecting each tree species to be planted, since it is important to study the habitat and the specific local conditions: "More than 90% of the trees planted are endemic species. The rest of the trees are fast-growing fruit trees that are, in turn, very useful for local communities."



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