Sweden opens the first electric road that charges your vehicle while driving


by Marina Morg

Posted on August 7, 2018

Sweden opens the first electric road that charges your vehicle while driving

Sweden has inaugurated the first section of an electric road designed to recharge the battery of zero-emission cars.

The project, called eRoadArlanda, consists of a two-kilometer stretch of a road near Stockholm that connects the Arlanda airport and a logistics center outside the capital and where rails have been installed on the asphalt.

Also, battery vehicles that have been tested have a mobile arm to connect to the track. In this way, during the time in which the vehicle does not lose contact with the rail will not waste energy from your battery, because the road will transfer electricity when making contact with the metal part. However, if the car stops, the recharge is paralyzed.

The electrical outlets are on the sides of the road and it is transmitted under the asphalt - about five or six centimeters deep -, so the current on the surface is only one volt.

This system would allow manufacturers to mount smaller batteries in vehicles without affecting autonomy. In addition, the creators of this initiative estimate that it will only be necessary to electrify 20,000 km of the 500,000 km that make up the Swedish road network, because in that case, the maximum distance between two electrified motorways would never be more than 45 kilometers, a figure that the range of cars with this technology caters without difficulty.

Regarding the cost, the entities explain that one kilometer of this road costs around one million euros, a high amount but, when contextualized, it translates into a 50-times lower payment than the cost of building an urban tram line. In any case, it is not the only plan focused on electric roads that are being developed in Sweden.


At the international level, there are also similar projects. For example, China has turned to this technology and is already developing an intelligent electric road capable of recharging cars, informing the self-employed and giving birth to 800 houses.

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