Soft Science


by Susana Díez

Posted on December 5, 2019

Soft Science

This is the history of how a teenager overcame the pressure she felt in her family to devote herself to science. His father wanted her to study hard science with more enthusiasm. He wanted his daughter to win the science fair. But Deirdre Bowen did not want to study the sciences proposed by her parents. She was not interested in dissecting frogs or investigating monkey's skulls. Instead, she preferred to invest her study time in social disciplines such as education and psychology.

She liked this type of subjects more and thought she could develop better studies, so she had no choice but to challenge her father's wishes. By the time she made the decision, she was a little scared by her father's reaction, but her decision was taken. Over time, Deirdre could prove that she was right. She got a successful professional development in the field of soft science. Not only that, but much later than having contradicted his father, he acknowledged that he was wrong. He confessed that Deirdre had been the only one of his children who had to face him and he congratulates her on her courage and determination.

This story told by the protagonist, is one of those appear in The Moth. She explained that The Moth had taught about taking the risk and being comfortable in my skin. They offer the possibility of telling personal experiences in front of a public and they have created a storytelling movement. Some of these stories are selected to air in the radio show. Deirdre won the first prize in this contest.

For 10 years which started with the project, they have published 3 books, and on The Moth podcast, they have achieved over 52 million times a year. They believe in the power of Moth stories to connect us as humans and foster mutual understanding. Many testimonials are also offered that appreciate listening to these moments. Most episodes become unforgettable true stories about finding the strength to face the impossible. This whole project is a way to recover the sensations produced by oral literature in preterite times.

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